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On Adrian Grey

September 12, 2012

So after a bit of deliberation, I’ve come to the decision to make a secondary pen name!

The inspiration came after I read the awesome Dean Wesley Smith’s article on pen names. In short, he states that authors should create new pen names for every different genre they create, just so that when a reader comes along and samples your work, they can get a ‘feel’ for what kind of work that author publishes. If I published a romance alongside a sci-fi alongside a hack-and-slash murder romp, people are going to get really confused about what I write. Sure, there may be fans of some of the books, but keeping it all under one name means that all my romance, sci-fi and murder fans will eye up each new release with suspicion. Is this going to be about alien worlds, or will it involve lots of gore?

A good example of this comes from within my family. My sister just reported that she bought the latest Terry Pratchett book with the mind that it would be humorous, given that he’s a humorous writer. Instead, the book was more focused on the state of the world, and she didn’t like it so much. She bought it with the vision of having a laugh, and didn’t get it. That’s a problem, right there!

My own problem comes in with this point in mind. The problem isn’t so much that I have wildly different genres in my head – they all have Fantasy or Sci-Fi elements to them. The problem comes when I want to write both humour and serious stories.

Currently, the name S.E. Batt has Baldwin underneath it. Alongside that, there are plans for more silly, non-serious stories with no violence, swearing or anyone dying; basically, stories that are family friendly. At the same time, however, I’m brainstorming ideas that do have these elements inLooking at these more serious stories, there’s no way a fan of Baldwin would easily transition into these more serious works.

In comes Adrian Grey.

Adrian Grey will be the pen-name I use for more serious works. Work is underway on a few novels (some of which are series material) to be put under his name. Their working titles are currently Deathboarders, Magic Incorporated, Puppetmaster and a vampire-based story without an official title, but it’s definitely not going to be a romance — traditional bloodthirsty vampires are the best!

S.E. Batt will also get a few releases. There are a lot of projects under this name which are not full-length novels, such as Books and Stripes and Tea Quest. There are two, however, which are at least standalone novel length, called Rave Knight and a story about a young man who graduates with a degree in Fantasy Overlord Studies which has no title.

So there you have it!

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