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New Release! Books and Stripes

October 30, 2012

Reading is an engaging hobby, but it’s not easy to pick up when you’re a tiger.

Escaping from his rich owner’s mansion, Mr Stripes is on the prowl to enter the world of literature. Unfortunately, he first has to enter the world of humans with no knowledge of how it works. Using his wit, charm, and knowledge of the effectiveness of ‘kitten eyes’, he ventures forth into the unknown to fulfil his quest.

Because everyone wants to get their paws on a good book.

A 6,100 word short story, bundled with BONUS STORY ‘Grounded to Earth’ at 2,100 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

A little backstory on this short:

This title was written as part of Forward Motion’s short story challenge set last May. I challenged myself to write fifteen short stories in a month, and succeeded. As an added challenge, I decided to use this title generator to get working titles for each short I would write. The story can go any which way, as long as it somehow referred to the generated title.

The one that sparked Books and Stripes was a generated title by the name ‘Books Tiger’. I wrote a rough draft, compiled all fifteen into a word document, and sent it to friends and family. Of all the titles I gave, Books Tiger received unanimous praise as the best one in the bunch. I knew then I was onto something, so I took the rough draft, gave it a polish and a better ending, and put it out for everyone to read!

The bundled short story, Grounded to Earth, came about when J.A. Marlow stated that she simply wouldn’t allow me going out and dying somehow. This went on to spark the concept of someone being grounded from dying, and what it would entail. A lot of fun to write, and one of my stronger pieces!

Hope you enjoy the release!

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