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Flash Friday 02/11/2012: Wild Emotion

November 2, 2012

When Edward stated to the witch that he wanted better control of his emotions, he wanted something more mental; a better construct in his mind that would help him take better reign over his feelings. What he didn’t expect was for them come alive.

Life had to go on as usual. He had a job interview in an hour, and he wasn’t going to mess this one up. If there’s any better motivation to nail a career, it’s for the development of personal skills, a sense of adventure, and a very annoyed landlord with more IOUs than a forgetful Santa Claus. He just wasn’t sure if it was okay to leave them scuttering around his house.

Leaving his bedroom in a more suitable attire for business (beating his ageing ACDC T-shirt and oil-stained jeans by a long shot), he didn’t have any time to shut the door before Fear yelped and ran under the sofa. He was always a tricky one to pick up, but Edward had no use for him anyway. Neither did he have use for Anger, who was in the corner looking miffed because he was fed the wrong kind of food. Edward had no idea what kind of food emotions ate, but they seemed to be okay with cat food. Anger, however, was never happy with the food he put down, even when Envy would look at his bowl as if he had the food of kings. No matter how equal the portions, Envy would always do that.

Curled up on the sofa was Content, a warm yellow glow emanating from it. Crossing the room (past Disgust, who took one whiff of the extra-strong cologne Edward was wearing and stuck a tongue out), he sat down next to it and put his hands under its belly. It opened one eye at him, completely unphased.

“Hey there,” Edward spoke with no emotion. It was hard to do so when they were outside of your body, batting around toy mice and fighting one another. “Do you mind if I use you for a bit? I gotta get ready for this job interview.”

Content shrugged. He didn’t show any sort of annoyance nor excitement, mainly because both of which were currently jumping on the table. Content never seemed to really mind anything Edward requested it to do. It was almost as if it was staying in a permanent state of, well…contentedness.

Edward felt stupid that he didn’t realise that sooner.

“Thanks, bud,” he said, picking up the ball of relaxation. He started to focus on the feeling, the sensation of not being absolutely terrified when going to an important job interview. With a deep breath, he felt a sudden jolt of emotion. When his eyes opened, Content had vanished, with a feeling of easiness and calm now bubbling away happily with him.

“Thanks,” he said to himself, standing up and straightening his tie. “I’ll buy you some treats or something when I get back. I know money is tough, but whatever.” He crossed to the front door and reached for the handle. “I’m sure everything will be alright.”

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