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Flash Friday 09/11/2012: Playfight

November 9, 2012

Andria groaned and rubbed her face. The LARP session was going downhill fast.

To be honest, she didn’t know what side to take. She didn’t manage to catch when Elivien made the imaginary shotgun shot towards Aztuk. In fact, it was one of those annoying moments which called for a third party witness to step forward and give an opinion, but nobody actually saw the event.

“Look,” said Elivien, running a hand past his golden hair and pointed ears. “We agreed at the start of the game that shotguns would work at the range I shot you for maximum damage. You only have three HP, so that means you’re dead now.”

“You didn’t shoot me!” Aztuk’s orkish heritage meant that he was prone to not just getting mad, but being incredibly stubborn when he was. “I saw your shot, it was a grazing shot. Because I’m wearing SWAT-grade armour, the shot would have been reduced to two points of damage. So I live.”

“That wasn’t a grazing shot, nowhere near. I was here, see.” Elivien aimed his imaginary shotgun at point-blank range. “You were right there, and I fired from this point, and I hit you.”

“I dodged it, you stupid elf. See, before you even shot, I dodged like this.” Aztuk made a feint which Andria hoped looked just as awkward when it actually happened. “Because shotguns have a wide range, it still got me, but I was out of the main blast.”

“…which would have made sense if you didn’t dodge after I shot you already. You always have some stupid qualm over being shot, just accept it already.

“No, because I know I’m right. Someone else saw it here, right? You saw it, didn’t you Riverbelle?”

“Nope.” The fairy shook her head and pointed to a tray full of rocks. “I was busy guarding the diamonds from the robbers.”

A male dwarf shook his head, frozen in place after the interruption stopped his gunfight with a minotaur. “This is why I suggested foam projectiles. I know people have a problem with the wind catching them, but at least we could call hits easier.”

“I could shoot Aztuk in the face with a foam projectile and he’d still claim it sailed past him.”

“Shut up.” Aztuk grabbed the pillow strapped his chest (acting as crude armour) and took it off, throwing it onto the floor. “I’m done with this game. I was told there’d be awesome fantasy fighting, but instead we’re standing around talking about how the elf thinks he’s some sort of hotshot. I’m outta here.” With a magnificent display of arm flailing and stomping, Aztuk flounced away from the group.

Elivien picked up the pillow from the floor, dusting it down with a mournful look. “Well, now that the teams are unbalanced, we should probably play another fantasy roleplay.”

“We can all come over to mine, if that’s alright,” said Andria, raising her hand. “We always talk about getting that Bosses and Businessmen tabletop game started.”

“Sounds good.” Elivien’s mood lifted itself. “I just hope I roll a great banker. I heard those guys are overpowered in the latest edition.”

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