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Flash Friday(?) 30/01/2012: Bunny and Cat

January 31, 2013

This is a fun little flash written in response to Lazette Gifford’s flash. Two days ago, we both devised the idea where both this flash fiction and her own is based on. Reading Lazette’s take on the pair that we both thought up, I decided to write my own, to show how different both of our characters were despite being in the same creation process. Enjoy!

Leon wasn’t the average superhero; partially because nobody who is a superhero is average, and mostly because nobody who is a superhero is a cat. The only feline ever to take up the fight against crime, he took the job in his stride. A cat-sized fedora, eye-mask and cape adorned his body, as black as the fur on his body. It helped during night missions and hiding in shadows; not so much while walking through the garden.

The garden was called The Battlefield for a reason. On the far end of the garden, opposite the house, was the garden of the teen supervillainess, Laura. A fence was the only protection between the two, various scorch marks peppering the grass on both sides of the feud. This was long ago, however; ever since Leon’s owner and sidekick Peter grew up and started finding love, he had less time to devise excursions on the house of evil. Even less so when the person he fell in love with was Laura herself.

Leon wasn’t here to reminisce. He just wanted to talk.

Striding up to the fence, he peered through the slots in the wood. “Hey, Fluffs. You over there?”

“Coming,” chirped the voice of Fluffs. A rhythmic thudding sound against the soil indicated her approach. Before long, a white rabbit with a red bow behind her right ear appeared in front of him. “Whatcha, Leon.”

“Greetings. It’s a good day to see you. How goes the owners?”

“She’s doing some really neat stuff. Like, you ever heard of a place called…” her ears flopped downwards as she thought. “Spade? I think it’s called Spade.”

“Spain. It’s a European country.”

“Right, that one. My owner’s totally gonna, like, take it over and stuff. She’s already arranged the henchmen to kidnap the country’s leader, and then she has to do the video conference and the evil entrance and the mwa-ha-ha and all that fun stuff. Then she’ll get it.”

“Right,” Leon said. The rabbit was the villainess’ own sidekick, but Leon couldn’t bring himself to take her out. Fluffs obeyed Laura, Laura obeyed her step-mother, and the step-mother obeyed the crushing misery of getting too old for spandex and evil laughter, offloading all of her expectations on her intelligent-but-serious child. “How is that going?”

“It’s going great. Laura said she’s gonna give me a boatload of carrots if we win, and promised that if we have to use the missile silos, that I get to press the big red button. Can you imagine that? I get to hear them go ‘whoooooosh’ and everything.” Fluffs beamed a worryingly large smile. “What about your owner? Do you guys have some reward system too?”

“Oh, yeah. If he behaves and does what he’s told, I promised him one of those ex-boxes or whatever they’re called. I tried to offer him proper martial arts training or cyber warfare, but he’s that age where he wants to play games all day. I’m just thankful he hasn’t got to the stage of asking for Playboy yet.”

“Playing games is fun. Sometimes Laura lets me play ‘nibble the toes of the captive’. It’s awesome, until they talk of course. Sometimes you get a really stubborn one all ‘I’ll never tell you the safe code!’ and the nibbling goes on forever.” Fluffs zoned out, in her own personal paradise.

“No games can be played when the world needs saving,” said Leon, adjusting his hat. “You set your eyes on the goal, achieve as much as you can, and learn from mistakes. Bring money in to feed the kid, keep living life, and always strive to improve.”

“Oh, I get Laura to do all that boring stuff. I just eat carrots and call dibs on the next country we should take over. I also help her with her maths homework, ’cause I know all about the pluses and the minuses and stuff. She hates all that.”

“A good education is key for a solid mind,” said Leon. “If Peter ever grovelled to me with his homework, I’ll make him do the bomb defusal next time. Then again, I’m sure Laura appreciates all the help. Poor girl never wanted to be an evil genius in the first place. Speaking of which, how goes the usurping of the step-mother on your end?”

“Not well. We do one thing outta step, it’s hollering and screaming all the way into the night. I’m afraid it’s up to you guys to thwart her plans, but we’ll try as much as we can.”

“Fair enough,” Leon said. Easier said than done; a harsh taskmaster within her own walls, the rest of the world saw her old, motherly nature. Nobody would dare suspect that the little old lady that went into the bakery every Wednesday and asked for ‘the bread with the soft crust, else my dentures will kill me’ would run a megalomania-inspired lab under her house, and it was exactly the reason she had got away with it for so long. If Leon were to usurp her, it would mean much more than just arresting her. He’d have to operate undercover, which meant rallying his sidekick, which meant getting Peter to stop discovering girls and alcohol and get back into the superhero business again. He wasn’t sure who the bigger villain was, at this point. “Well, I suppose I’ll head back and relay the information. Good to speak to you, Fluffs.”

“And a pleasure to see you too,” Fluffs said, twitching her ears. “Hope you kick butts and all that stuff.”

“Thank you,” Leon said, turning his body to face the house to mask the displeasure of his life-long dedication being summed up as ‘kicking butts’. “See you soon.”

950 words

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  1. I love Fluffs! Go kick butts and stuff. 😀

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