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Flash Friday 31/05/2013: Movie Night

June 1, 2013

War is hell; planning for it is hellishly boring.

“I understand you have better things to do,” Commander Davis said. He would have given a caring look, if one of his eyes weren’t being covered by an eye patch. His head, looking like it had been attacked by the same chemical weapons he used in war, didn’t help matters. “But this video will cover all questions you might have.”

“Alright,” Lieutenant Blake said. She was quite short and innocent looking, making the pair out to be like the David and Goliath of dating, if either of them ever harboured the thought in the first place. “You are Commander, after all.”

“Good. I promise this won’t take long.” Sitting down on the chair beside Blake, Davis pressed play on the remote.

The Earth Defense Force logo instantly came to life on the screen, the fanfare accompanying it so majestic that it rattled the speakers with pure pride. Davis would have felt a stab of glory, knowing that he was fighting for such a proud race, if the sound didn’t immediately go high-pitched and squeaky, the video feed shooting forwards at an alarming rate.

“What on earth are you doing?” Davis said.

“This?” Blake said, showing off her excellent skills and rigirous training at stealth and espionage by somehow securing the remote without Davis knowing. “Just skipping past the adverts. They always load them onto the front of these things. See, here’s the good bit.” She hit the play button.

“–by the Mars Retribution Alliance,” the voiceover said, the video feed showing the planet in question. “A speech was given to the entire planet, declaring their distaste of Earth’s ruling, and a demand to be given true independence.”

The feed turned to a civilised, somewhat posh-looking man standing by a pedestal, microphones creeping up to his mouth like vines.

“As a result,” the man said, addressing the audience, “we’ve decided to take military action against–”

“Who’s that?” Blake said, over the top of the audio.

“Commander Evans, leader of the Mars rebel army,” Davis said. “You should know him by now.”

“Ooh.” Blake turned back to the screen, then immediately back to Davis. “What are they doing? What’s happening?”

“This is footage of the Hellas Planitia war, where several fine Earth soldiers lost their lives defending New Berlin from the oncoming rebel forces of–”

“Who’s he?”

“That’s the Commander,” Davis said. “Again.”

“Really?” Blake peered at the screen. “Gosh, it looks like a different person from last time. I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with this plot. Have to look up who played his part, though. What was the Commander’s name again?”

“This part is important,” Davis said, hanging onto the last remaining shreds of patience he had in his body. “Watch it.”

“Their methods are ruthless,” the voiceover continued. Even the man doing it was sounding annoyed, even when he had an entire computerised image of a battlefield to play with. Red tanks were currently jabbing red arrows at blue tanks on the simulation. “The Mars rebels take a very guerilla-styled combat style, choosing to ambush when the Earth force least expect it. Convoys had to be–”

“Where the hell are you going?” Davis said. “This is important.”

“Really?” Blake said, still half-standing from her chair. “Usually during these exposition bits, I go get a snack.”

“Please, just sit down and watch the briefing. It’s highly important.”

“Okay, okay,” she spoke with a tone that lacked confidence in her own words. She rested herself back on the chair. “My friends said that about a movie once. It was four hours long and had loads of people talking to one another. Not one action scene or love bits or–”


Blake gave a small sigh and shuffled in her seat.

“Despite these nefarious tactics,” the video continued, “we have set up a defensive base capable of withholding attacks. Intel reports that even when totally cut off from all sides, that the outpost can survive for at least a year. These new defensive tactics are key against the highly aggressive Mars rebel strategies, and crunch munch crunch crunch.”

Davis slowly turned his head to Blake. She stopped chewing her popcorn.

“I think you know better, Blake,” Davis said, emphasising each word.

Blake looked at him, her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk as the cogs turned in her head, trying to work out what Davis meant by his statement. After a few seconds, there what a shff sound as Blake tilted the box of popcorn towards Davis.

“Let’s just start it over from the top,” Davis sighed, rewinding the footage.

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  1. Davis needs a new 2nd in command. I think the Mars Rebels have a fighting chance!

    • Indeed! They might start doing covert operations to put the Lord of the Rings boxset in Blake’s hands.

      Thanks for the comment!

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