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Some Good News!

September 2, 2013

So, I’m going to be brutally honest with you all.

I thought my latest Flash Friday, Weapon of Choice, was going to suck.

It’s hard to imagine it now, given the absolutely lovely comments and retweets I’ve had on it. When I hit the Schedule button for midnight Thursday/Friday, however, it was the first flash friday on which I had to repeat the Dare To Be Bad mantra to myself with. I had no real idea why I hated it so much. All I knew is that I did.

Then, realisation struck. Or, rather, three very good and well-meaning writers grabbed the holding-end of the giant club of inspiration, and on the back of my head they struck.

See, something they said amongst themselves was very interesting. Upon finishing it, two of the three writers says that the story ‘demanded more’. Not that the flash itself was lacking, but what it hinted to in our (un)fortunate hero Dennis’ future was too good to merely brush over with an ending like that. The story had a lot more meat on it.

The third writer said that I had developed an interesting world. This has never been said about my flashes before. I usually keep my flashes tight-knit and ‘disposable’ — the Nessie story, the Tooth Fairy story, the Serial Killer story, all of those were miniature worlds which I could quickly set up, and then throw away when the final full stop was written. I liked writing flashes this way, because it stopped the tendrils of ‘what else? There’s more to this, right?’ from growing. It kept each story contained and concise, and gave a satisfying ending, instead of drifting into nothingness and leaving the reader stranded. The reason why Weapon of Choice felt bad to me — which I didn’t actually see until the three writers mugged me with inspiration — was because the tendrils on that story are long. Imagine an entire story, an entire world around the premise we’ve set up for Dennis here.

That’s why I’m announcing Weapon of Choice as a Flash Serial.

For those not in the know, Flash Serials are like normal serials; however, unlike normal serials, a Flash Serial has to get its episode out of the way in 1000 words or less (using Forward Motion Writer’s rules for Flash Friday). It also has to have a satisfying beginning, middle and end. No leaving the story mid-way through a casual conversation and picking it up next week.

Given this nature, the next installments of Weapon of Choice will be ‘skit-like’. Dennis will go on his quest, and in each flash friday, encounter the next part of his quest that has, undoubtedly, turned very silly against his expectations.

So, come back this Friday, where Dennis will be continuing his feather-bound quest into the great (and silly) unknown!

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