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Two Christmas Releases!

December 21, 2013

Hello all!

It’s only five days until Christmas, meaning now is the time to run around the house and panic because you still haven’t gotten anyone anything and they’re all too occupied to tell you what they want. “Oh boy,” you say to yourself, wiping the sweat off of your brow with a tissue with a herd of reindeer printed on it. “I need something short and incredibly silly to help me get over this rather strenuous situation.”

Look no further.

Two new Christmas releases have come out:

A Lump of Coal Snowman3 The first one is a story called A Lump of Coal. It’s about a girl called Cassandra who wrecks yet another Christmas Eve party right before the clock chimes twelve for Christmas. Everyone is confused as to why such a sweet and innocent girl would do such a thing, but not as confused as to why she accepts her lump of coal from Santa with a smile on her face. Why on earth does Cassandra want to become a bad girl on Christmas day?

This book is priced at $2.99, and comes bundled with a second short story called Coal New Problem, where Santa wages war on the naughty kids across the globe and ends up regretting it. The stories are 3,100 and 3,200 words respectively.

Smashwords || Amazon US || Amazon UK

AStarForChristmasThe second story is called A Star for Christmas, and is about a young girl who wishes for…a star for Christmas. Santa is never one for letting down kids at Christmas, but uses his own wit and ingenuity to give the girl her otherwise impossible present. Unfortunately, his lackeys are less than smart, and it all begins with a strange sight on the hills ahead.

Unlike A Lump of Coal, this story is completely free, and always will be. It is around 1,600 words total.

Smashwords (no Amazon links for this one, sorry!)

Enjoy the new releases, and have a Happy Christmas.

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  1. Aren’t you wonderful! What a nice Christmas gift.

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