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KIN SHIP Release, and Friend Ship sale!

June 10, 2014

Hello, readers!

I’m glad to announce that the sequel to one of my fan-favourites, Friend Ship, now has a sequel! The title is Kin Ship, and the blurb reads a little something like this:

In the depths of space, a loving human mother celebrates a new baby in the family. The race? Spaceship.

Kingsley and Adelstein find themselves trapped within a pirate base, told to become pirates or suffer the consequences. Things turn strange when the pirate leader, Alterash, takes a liking to the intelligent ship, and decides to make it her own. Kingsley hopes for a sane and simple challenge for once, but the ABC books and baby rattles say otherwise…

A humorous science fiction novella, totalling around 38,000 words.

This story is over three times the total length of Friend Ship, and has Kingsley and Adelstein escaping from a pirate base within an asteroid. With a bunch of new characters, a whole new plot, and even more Adelstein mischief, it’s one of my favourite stories yet. I hope you enjoy this new release as much as I did writing it. Thinking up the plot caused some embarrassing blurts of laughter in public places. I don’t know why I’m not in a padded cell yet.

You can find it on Amazon (US, UK, or your favourite local branch) and Smashwords.

But, this release isn’t much for all those who haven’t read Friend Ship yet, is it? As to make sure that everyone can have a taste of the insanity, all those who have yet to read Friend Ship can now do so at half the price, over at Smashwords. By entering the code ‘PV58D’ at checkout, you can drop the price of Friend Ship down to $1.49. Hurry, as this will only be half price for a limited time!

With a new release and a sale, I hope you have happy readings, and a good day. Thanks for all of your support!

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  1. Congratulations on the release!

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