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Flash Friday 18/07/2014: Piece of Cake

July 18, 2014

“You sure the boss is gonna like it?” Darren said, as the pair entered the cake shop. “I dunno how to go about buying leaders of gangs cakes, you know?”

“It’s fine.” Paul gave a cocksure shrug. “It’s the boss, he likes his stuff plain. I know he’s always into sugary stuff, but his teeth kills him when he has too much. So I’ve, uh…arranged to have a little something-something put in the cake to help him feel better about those things he calls teeth.”

“Shame.” Darren rang the bell on the counter twice. “Poor guy knows what he’s missing.”

A baker with a white hat popped his head out of the door behind the counter. “Ah, you’re here. Excellent. I’ve got your cake ready to go. Do you want to take it now, or…?”

“Yeah, yeah, hit us with it. And, uh…” Darren pressed his grubby hands against the store’s glass counter, peering at the treats within. “Gemme one of those donuts, willya? I got a spot that needs fillin’.”

“Alright. Here’s your cake, sir.”

Both gangsters knew something was wrong the moment the cake was placed on the counter.

“Uhm…” Darren rubbed the back of his head. “This one’s…this one’s got Sleeping Beauty on it.”

The baker nodded. “As you asked. Have one cake for pick-up, and another sent to an address. You asked for the plain one to be delivered, so it went away this morning.”

“Are you sure?”

The baker went into the backroom, picking a piece of paper up from a table. He showed it to Darren, an invoice clearly stating that the plain cake was to be delivered, and the princess cake to be picked up.

Darren took in air through his teeth. “This ain’t good.”

“Why?” Paul said. “Where’s the other cake gone?”


“I just don’t know how your friends manage it.” Alice cuddled up to Steven’s shoulder as they both watched Henrietta watched the ten candles on the cake. “This morning, her birthday plans were a shambles.”

“Let’s just say I know people, who know people,” Steven said. “We can get things done if we want them to happen. The important thing is, do you think we can trust the little tyke with the knife this year.”

“Oh, go on. She’s hit ten digits, it’s a big moment. Just tell her not to swing the thing around and she’ll be fine.”

The crowd of kids around the table cheered as the candles were blown out. Steven plucked the smoldering candles from the cake, and then handed a large cutting knife to Henrietta. “Now, you should know how these work. Don’t go cutting towards yourself or anyone, okay?”

Henrietta nodded, taking the handle of the knife within both hands. “Today has been great,” she chirped. “I’m really happy your friends could help out. I got a rocking horse, and a television, and my very own escape driver, and it’s all so wonderful.”

“I’m really glad, honey. My friends, we’re close, you know? Like you are with your friends here. They don’t even want anything back. They’re that good.”

“I hope I have friends like yours.” Henrietta sunk the knife into the cake. “I have so many nice things now, I–“

Henrietta’s knife hit something solid.

Her eyes dilated with excitement. Digging within the cake with her hands, she began to hunt for the buried object. “I can’t believe you guys got me a present in the cake, as well! This is the best birthday I’ve ever–“

Henrietta withdrew two items from the cake. In her left hand, in a see-through bag, was a Desert Eagle pistol. In her right, in a similar bag, was a wad of cash tied up.

Henrietta slowly looked up at her parents, and then grinned. “Best. Birthday. Ever.”

Steven wilted under Alice’s cold, horrified stare. At least it wasn’t the cake the gang gave to their enemies.

651 words

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  1. LOL I can imagine that those other two gangsters are sweating a bit now ^_^

  2. Poor guy. He’s never going to hear the end of it from his wife. LOL

  3. Maybe it is my demented side, but I kept picturing the little girl stabbing into a body. Sometimes your mind can get away from you.

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