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Flash Friday 22/08/2014: Una-mused

August 22, 2014

Una didn’t hate writing, per se. She just hated her environment.

She didn’t deserve what she had. Her writing spots alternated between on a laptop on her lap, and in a coffee shop by the window. Not that either place was run-down or in need of TLC — it’s just that it was a long shot from the kind of spot she’d like to write in.

When the fairy godmother visited her, there was no surprise what she asked for.

Una’s new writing spot was as she always imagined. An ornate typewriter lay upon an oak desk in the middle of a beautiful green grove. Animals of all shapes and sizes stood around the desk, like something from Bambi. Fairies darted around the trees, giggling and singing as they went.

Una did not have any excuse, now. She simply sat down and began to type.


The godmother reappeared within the grove. “Una?” she called out. “It’s been an hour now. Have you settled in nicely?”

The godmother came face-to-face with what looked like an angry lion sat at a writing desk.

“What’s the matter, Una?” the godmother said, darting over. “I thought this was your ideal spot.”

“I thought so too, but…” Una stopped to moan in pain, clutching her temples. “I’ve got a caffeine headache the size of India. None of these animals know what a cappuccino is.”

“Well…that’s to be expected, dearie. If you want, I can get you a coffee–”

“It’s not just the coffee that’s a problem. These fairies are a pain in the backside. Listen to them for a few seconds.”

The godmother looked around the canopy, expecting to see the fairies in their natural habitat. Instead, she found them sitting around the typewriter, barking orders. Some were demanding the story should be a romance. Some said the main character would be better as a werewolf. Some didn’t like stories, and wanted the entire thing as a movie instead. One of them was expressing her opinion as to ‘what I would do if this was my story’, giving suggestions in a passive-aggressive manner.

“This is awful,” Una continued. “I have no coffee, I’ll get soggy when it rains, and one of the deers just devoured chapter two. The worst part is, I can’t even complain about it on Facebook. The bloody typewriter doesn’t have a WiFi adapter on it.”

“Well…I’m sure you’ll feel much better after you’ve had lunch.”

“Really? And what’s for lunch?”

“Moss, I’d imagine.”

Una threw her head back and groaned. “Just get me somewhere with caffeine, an internet connection, and no animals that can crap on my manuscript.”

The godmother blinked. “Why, it sounds like you’re describing a coffee shop to me.”

Una stared at the godmother with dead eyes. “No, really? I had no idea.”

The fairy godmother knew how to take a hint. Waving her magic wand, the idealistic grove dissolved away to a familiar scene; a coffee shop, a mug of strong beverage, a laptop, and an unfinished story with a blinking cursor.

“Is that better?” the godmother asked.

“Hold that thought.” Una took the cap off of the coffee on the table, draining it in one go. “Yep, better now.”

Una rested her fingers on home row and began to type. It didn’t matter if she was in the tallest tower of a fantasy castle or in an unheated attic. When she wrote, she was in her own world, and that’s all that really mattered in the end.

581 words

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  1. Hehehe. Second guessing my plan to rent a cabin & go read in the woods, now!

  2. Cute. Sometimes the utopia we imagine writing in isn’t what we think it will be.

  3. I think I have gone through this lately as I play around with the music I listen to while working. I find there is some music that just grates and irritates. It does little to help me move ahead.

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