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Flash Friday 05/09/2014: Tents Moment

September 5, 2014

Little bit of an experiment this week — this following piece is called a ‘drabble’. While flash fiction is a piece at any word count at or under 1000 words, a drabble is 100 words exactly. A fun and challenging way to tell a story!

Harry heard an annoyed growl outside his tent door.

Gripping the handle of his kukri, Harry approached the entrance to the tent. Then, after a silent count of three, he burst outside, letting loose a war cry. Tiddles, the cat who disliked a tent pitched in the living room, scarpered away, dodging both Harry’s knife and his startled wife Wendy’s legs.

“If you’re going to camp indoors,” Wendy yelled from the living room doorway, “please don’t murder the cat!”

“Sorry, I got carried away. Uhm, if you’re going to the kitchen, can I get a coffee?”

Wendy rolled her eyes.

100 words

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  1. Cute. LOL

    I definitely needed the laugh this gave me.

  2. ganymeder permalink

    Several chuckles in this one. Cute!

  3. *giggles* oh, that’s adorable. And now I want to make a tent in the living room to annoy the cats.

  4. LadyKonstance permalink

    Excellent cameo on life with an “Imaginator”

  5. Nothing wrong with camping in the living room. Sometimes the cat is just a casualty of war.

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