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Flash Friday 05/12/2014: Nothing Like The Present

December 5, 2014

“I’m not sure what part of ‘futile’ you didn’t understand,” Mylun the wizard said, sat atop his purple chair. The room around him matched the colour, with drapes adorned with golden stars hanging from regular intervals around the room. Brooms, pans, and other things that really should not be orbiting around the room, did not seem to have gotten the memo.

“I’m saying it’s not.” Sarah shrugged. “There’s definitely something I can get you as a gift.”

“Do you know how many people have tried? Countless people; most of which were older, wiser, more intelligent than you are. And yet, you seek to prove all of them wrong. What is it about the fact that I can make literally anything do you not understand?”

“Well…” Sarah rocked on her feet. “How about something golden?”

Mylun snapped his fingers, a golden sceptre appearing in his hands. “I can do that.”

“Then how about a nice vacation somewhere?”

Mylun tossed the sceptre over a shoulder, snapping his fingers again. A portal opened up beside him, the view through it revealing a sunny beach with a crystal blue sea. “I know vacation destinations that nobody else in the world does.”

“Well…” Sarah scratched her chin. “A kitten always works.”

Mylun shrugged, clicking his fingers once more. Much to Sarah’s surprise, a kitten magically popped into existence in front of her. Ensuring what she was seeing was real, she picked up the kitten and looked over it, as if trying to find the smoke and mirrors behind it. Sure enough, it was a real, live cat.

“Oh, go on, keep it,” Mylun said to Sarah’s gaze. “I have hundreds already.”

“I don’t know what I can get for a wizard who can produce anything they desire, but you can bet that I will find something.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” Mylun reached a hand into the still-open portal, as if digging for something. “I really, truly wish that someone could give me something that I cannot make. Unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re caught short this time, just as everyone else who comes to my chambers to give me charity.”

“I think of something,” Sarah said, beaming a confident smile as she left. “Just you wait.”


The next day, a familiar face had worked its way into Mylun’s chamber again.

“I found you something,” Sarah said, beaming a smile. “I think you’ll like it.”

Mylun perked up from his bored seated posture. “You found me something?”

“That’s right,” Sarah nodded. “I worked something out.”

“You managed to get a man, who can make anything they desire, something that is worthy of a gift? It’s not more bloody giftcards, is it?”

Sarah shook her head. “Nothing of the sort. See, I had a think, and I wondered about what to get someone who can make anything. See, there’s lots of stuff money can buy. Or, rather…” Sarah gestured to Mylun as she tried to think of a better way to put it. “Stuff that magic can…magic. But there’s the stuff that it can’t, either. Sure, you may be loaded with cash, or the most powerful wizard in the world, but there’s one thing you can’t get by creating or obtaining.”

Mylun sat forwards. “And what is that?”

“Experience. Money can’t buy that, can it?”

Mylun snorted, slinking back into his chair. “Nice try, but it can. Didn’t I show you the portal yesterday?”

“Not that kind of experience. I mean the stuff where you interact with someone new. Can you buy a friend, magic up a soulmate? I don’t think so, mister. All this magic stuff is good for giving yourself stuff, but it’s no match for when someone else gives you something that only they can give. Do you get me?”

Mylun frowned, making his already wrinkled forehead even more bumpy. “You know what? I think you have a point. So, you’re giving the gift of…personal experience?”

“That’s right.”

Mylun looked into the distance, as if thinking. Then, with an enthusiastic nod to himself, he stood from his chair, approaching Sarah. “Now you’ve really gotten me interested. I’ve never considered the fact that I cannot simply create the bonds that bring happiness to people. So, what I ask is this; what kind of personal experience did you bring me, today? Have you, perhaps, found me a friend who will be by my side forever? Or perhaps, a lover to share life’s intimate moments with?”

Sarah shook her head. “Nah. None of that sappy stuff. I just told a dragon that you called their mother a whore.”

Mylun froze mid-approach. “Sorry, can you run that past me a second time?”

There was a loud crunching noise from the roof.

Looking up, Mylun could see five large claws, digging their way into the roof. Once the claws had established themselves, they tugged at the inside of the roop, ripping it off like a lid from a jar. Peering through the newly-made hole was a very large dragon.

“So,” the dragon said. “I’ve heard you’ve been saying things.”

“I-It wasn’t me!” Mylun pointed at Sarah. “It was all her spreading rumours, I was just–“

Mylun stopped the moment he saw the dragon give a very large, very scaly, wink at him.

“Oh.” Mylun cleared his throat, striking a proud pose. “What I meant  to say was that I did, indeed, slander yourself and your kin, and will fight you in combat. Er, that is, as long as it’s not to the death.”

The dragon snorted. “If it was, the girl would have paid me much more than a snout petting. Now, do you want a friendly scrap, or don’t you?”

Mylun flashed Sarah a thumbs-up. “Thanks,” he said. “This is definitely one of the better gifts I’ve had.”

Sarah nodded as Mylun flew into the sky, beginning the sky battle between the two combatants. Front-row seats of the first boxing match in the air was a good enough gift for her.

993 words

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  1. LOL Cute! Especially how the dragon clued Mylun in to the act.

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