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Flash Friday 20/03/2015: Raising The Dead

March 20, 2015

Electricity crackled between the two coils over the metal table, a human-like abomination of sewed-up flesh resting atop of it, his eyes closed. A hunched over figure, dressed in a scorched lab coat and white hair in a consistent state of flowing backwards as if facing wind, cackled and rubbed his hands as he circled the table, admiring his creation from all sides with morbid fascination.

“Yes,” he said, a crooked toothy grin appearing on his face. “Yes, it’s perfect. It’s all perfect. No mould. no rot. No weakness or blemish or tears. Yes, it’s perfect. Yes, yes, it’s perfect. Perfect. Perfect for the Grimms name.”

Grimms kept muttering the word ‘perfect’ as he pranced to a desk like a child on Christmas Day. Picking up what looked like a more portable version of the coils over the table, he held it up to one of its bigger brothers. A line of electricity latched onto the smaller coil, a loud crackling noise filling the air alongside a strong scent of burning, the miniature coil slowly glowing blue from the stored energy.

The scientist began to lower the coil towards the area of the abomination’s heart. “Just a small jolt,” he whispered to himself. “Just a small–just a tiny jolt. Nothing more, nothing less, just–a–tiny–!”

A loud bang echoed around the lab. The scientist’s coil-holding arm was thrown backwards, carrying the rest of him with it. He fell to the floor, keeping a pair of desperate eyes on his new creation even while falling.

For a while, nothing happened.

Then, a finger twitched.

The human monster lifted a hand off of the cold table. It brought it up above its face, admiring it on each side. Then, when it was contented, it shifted its entire body, pushing the upper half of it into a sitting position, a stunned look on its face.

“Yes!” Grimms scrambled to his feet, tears of joy streaming down his eyes. “Yes, yes, yes! It’s alive! It’s actually alive! I have created life with these two hands of mine; I have finally achieved the ability to play god with whatever I please! And now, with my creation awake, I will be able to take over this retched town for my own sakes. Arise, my minion, and tell me what you’d like to be called!”

The monster rubbed the side of its head, then its eyes. It stared off into the distance for a small while. Then, it finally turned to Grimms, and said, in a deep and pondering voice, “what day is it?”

Grimms blinked. “It’s, uhm. April the seventh.”

The monster nodded thoughtfully. “What day of the week?”


“And the time?”

Grimms scratched his chin. “Around six in the morning, I reckon.”

To this, the monster nodded approvingly. Then, slowly, he rested himself back onto the table and closed his eyes again.

Grimms frowned.

“Wake up, you daft thing, I just resurrected you,” Grimms said, accompanied with a shake of the monster’s shoulder.

A giant hand slapped the scientist’s arm away. The abomination turned onto its side, its back facing Grimms.

“Excuse me,” Grimms said, prodding the monster’s back. “Are you listening? I said get u–”

A deep snore rattled the scientist from head to toe. It was like the audio equivalent of an earthquake. Not taking any more of this nonsense, the scientist charged up his portable coil once more. This time, however, he decided not to zap the heart.

The monster yelped, clutching his backside. He turned over, a face full of fury. “What the bloody hells was that for?!”

“I told you to get up, minion! You’re my creation, and therefore bound to my will! I am your lord, your boss, and your commander!”

“Yeah? Well, during weekends, I’m nobody’s minion, and nobody is my boss. You honestly can’t wake someone up at six in the morning on a Saturday. What if I wanted a lie-in?”

“A lie-in? But you’ve been asleep! You’ve been asleep since the day your brain died!”

The monster blinked. “How long ago was that?”

A week!

“Wow. Well, regardless, I still maintain that I should have Saturdays off from all this minion malarkey. It’s just not right to push your workers so hard, you know?”

Grimms balled his fists with rage. “Don’t take that tone with me, monster! You have no right to say such things to a brilliant mind such as I. I designed you to be the perfect answer to everything mankind can throw at you. Your skin is as thick as a wall, and able to reflect anything thrown at you. Your mind is quick and agile, your eyes are as sharp as an eagle, and your strength can choke a man within seconds. You can–”

“Sorry, can you repeat that last bit?”

“The part where you can choke a man within seconds? What about it? What’s so important about it that you had to interrupt my gurk.

The hand around the scientist’s throat had cut short any more speech. The monster arose from his resting position, so that he could better lift Grimms off of the floor, leaving him flailing and beating against the wall-thick skin the monster has.

“Now that I have your undivided attention,” the monster said. “How about, instead of you being a pain in the backside — quite literally, I might add — you go ahead and let me sleep in for a few more hours, and then perhaps I can arise to a lovely cooked breakfast that you and I can partake in, and then perhaps out for ice-cream. How does that sound to you?”

Grimms gave a worried smile. “S-Sunny side up?”

The monster smirked. “As always.”

Grimms was thrown onto his back with a thud. The monster, once again, laid down on the table, turned his back, and began to snore.

With a frown, Grimms picked himself up, and headed out of the lab towards the kitchen. Maybe he could pay for next-day delivery on a new brain…

1000 words

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  1. Beware of what you create! I very much enjoyed this πŸ™‚

  2. LOL I like what you did with this! I’d feel sorry for Grimms, but I feel like he kind of asked for it, doing what he did. :-p

  3. Worker revolt. Turn on the firehoses and break up the picket lines… Wait, wrong response?

    • Just don’t get the pitchforks. I hear they trigger something deep within a Frankenstein’s monster.

  4. I’m actually reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for NANoReMo at least your creator didn’t desert his monster – thanks for the smile! ^_^

  5. I’m sure he’ll get it right with his next monster…. πŸ˜‰ Fun story.

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