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Thimbleful Thursday 07/05/2015: Virgin Territory

May 10, 2015

Both flags struck the ground at the same time.

The two explorers had not noticed each other beforehand. The sound of each other’s flags striking the ground caused both of them to startle, then turn to face his adversary. Both glared at one another in a way that only a seasoned explorer that had vast experience in makeshift toilets out in the jungle could give.

“I claim this land,” the first explorer said, “for King and Country back home.”

“Well, I claim this land,” the second explorer said, “for my Queen and her People.”

Both of them stared at one another, hoping the other would back down. When this failed to do anything, the first explorer scoffed. “Very well. You have tested my patience long enough. I will have to resort to drastic measures and invoke the rights bestowed upon me by my King.” Then, learning forwards, he hissed, “Dibs.”

The second explorer recoiled backwards, but quickly regained his composure. “Double dibs.”

The first explorer’s jaw drop. “Surely you jest–”

The second explorer unravelled a scroll from his pocket and held it out. It read This Scroll, As Gift’d By The Queen Herself, Doth Bestow Upon Thy Bearer Usage Of ‘Double Dibs’ In The Name of The Queen, As Doth See Fit.

The first explorer blinked. “Alright then.”

The pair of them began to walk in a circle, always keeping the other on the opposite side, patrolling around the flags placed into the ground.

“Double dibs,” the first explorer said. “With a cherry on top.”

“Double dibs, with a cherry on top, and sugar.”

“A cherry on top, some sugar, and…and some icing.”

“A cherry, some sugar, some icing, and walnuts.”

“I’m allergic.”

“Chocolate, then. Sorry.”

“That’s alright.”

The pair stopped patrolling, standing once again by their individual flags.

“Now here’s something for you,” the first explorer said. “Double dibs. The cherry. Sugar. Icing. The chocolate, as you so kindly added. But then — and this is the real kicker — it’s free. Didn’t think of that, then, did you?”

The second explorer nodded in respect. “If you’re going that route, I’m going to add a free bowl of bonbons to the mix.”

“Well, I’m going to add a glass of wine. On the house.”

“Bowl of fresh cream.”

“Delicious fruit.”

“A handful of buckshot.”

“An entire barrel of–hang on a minute, that doesn’t sound very–”

A pistol crack disturbed the nearby birds as the first explorer hit the floor with a thump. The second explorer blew the smoke away from the muzzle and pocketed the pistol.

“Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s good,” he said to nobody.

438 words

This week’s wordcount goal was 400 words (with a 10% leeway of 360-440 words)

Check out the Thimbleful Thursday page for more information, and to partake in it yourself.

  1. *giggle* oh, I love it! And thanks for the signal boost πŸ™‚

  2. LOL I like! Sorry I didn’t get around to it until now.

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