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Thimbleful Thursday 14/05/2015: Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

May 20, 2015

The city had no way to protect against the rampaging monster as it stomped through the city. The police stood around, wondering what their pistols would do against a three-hundred foot lizard that stepped out of the ocean.

The monster stopped, looking down at a coffee shop. Reaching down, it tore off the roof, exposing the single terrified worker still within, hiding behind the counter.

“Uh, yeah,” the giant lizard spoke. “I’ll take…” it peered down at the menu. “One latte, giant sized. One ex-presso. Es-presso? I never remember how you say that word.”

“Espresso,” the barista whimpered.

“Right, that’s the one. What cakes do you have?”

“Shortbreads and brownies.”

“Really? Hmm.” Turning over his shoulder to face the ocean, he yelled, “Hey! Shortbreads or brownies?”

A female voice yelled back from the ocean, “I’m trying to watch my weight, you jerk!”

“Oh, right.” The monster gave a coy laugh. “I guess I’ll forgo the cakes, as well.”

The barista started pouring out the drinks, his eyes still locked upwards. “So you’re not destroying the city?”

“What? Oh! So that’s what all these tanks and helicopters are about! Oh, how embarrassing. No, no, I’m just a monster who needs a coffee to wake up in the morning. You guys should really invest in gigantic cups, these tiny ones only just hit the spot.”

The barista handed the coffees into two careful claws. “It wouldn’t be too much to ask for payment, would it?”

“Payment?” The lizard sucked air through its teeth. “I totally forgot. I am so sorry. Uh…” Looking around the city, it bent down and picked up an armoured money van. He pried open the back doors like opening a can, shaking the bags of money into the store. “Is that enough?”

The white-faced barista nodded. “This covers the tip nicely.”

The lizard gave a friendly nod, walking back towards the ocean and waving away helicopters. He always took the time to be nice to those in retail.

330 words

This week’s wordcount goal was 300 words (with a 10% leeway of 270-330 words)

Check out the Thimbleful Thursday page for more information, and to partake in it yourself!

  1. LOL! I love it. What a great twisty mind you have. I should be so lucky.

  2. LOL I like! Who’d think a monster’s just looking for a cup of coffee! LOL

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