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Thimbleful Thursday for 09/07/2015: Jump the Shark

July 14, 2015

“I actually found it in my attic,” Peter said, as if he wished he had a more exciting story. “While preparing for a move.”

“Then it’s a good thing it got found.” The aged James peered at the painting, his wrinkled skin curled around a monocle. “It’s the biggest find we’ve had on the show. This particular piece from this artist has never seen the light of day. It had been referenced to multiple times in print, but never actually found. I can easily see this fetching up to five hundred thousand in auction.”

“Five hundred…” Peter echoed, breathlessly. “Wow, I knew it would be worth something, but that–”

Peter stopped. James had leant forwards towards him, his face grave and serious. “You could take the five hundred thousand and walk away with it. Right now. Or.” James leant under the table, placing a large box on the table. “You can take whatever figure is in this box.”

Peter pointed to it, unsure. “In this box?”

“Yes. Or!” He quickly added. “The box held by our lovely assistant Sandra.”

Sandra, in a sparkling red dress, stood beside the table, presenting her own box with a smile.

“Here’s how the game works. One of these boxes contains the figure I just said. But the other one contains one million within it. So, what shall it be? Will you take the offer, or gamble it on the boxes?”

“But…” Peter said, frowning. “There’s literally no gamble with the boxes. I either win the offer, or I win double.”

“Wait,” James said. “No, hold on, I think we need to spin a wheel, or something. And it’ll change how the boxes work. Somehow. Really risky stuff.”

“That’s great, but–”

James pulled out a ringing mobile phone from his pocket. He nodded silently, then hung up. “That was The Banker.”

“…and what did he say?”

“That I’m eligible for a credit card, apparently. Oh, and that he’s willing to offer you an extra twenty-five percent of the amount that you’ll get from one of these boxes, plus with the wheel’s added modifier for a total lump sum. See? Now the stakes are really high.”

“But I just want to–”

“So, will you take home the five hundred thousand, or will you gamble it all on–”

“I’ll take the money,” Peter said, exasperated.

James raised an eyebrow. “Even after all that excitement?”


“Well, it’s your loss. The wheel was going to be really big and flashy and everything. Regardless, thank you for coming on Antiques Auction.”

“Not a problem,” Peter lied, shaking James’ hand. He hoped there was no bonus round.

438 words

This week’s wordcount goal was 400 words (with a 10% leeway of 360-440 words)

Check out the Thimbleful Thursday page for more information, and to partake in it yourself!

  1. *chuckle* I love it! Some things just really don’t need to be flashier.

  2. LOL This started off like Antiques Roadshow and ended with a laugh.

  3. But wait, there’s more…

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