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Thimbleful Thursday for 13/08/2015: Off the Hook

August 19, 2015

“Alright, children,” the teacher said with a sweet voice. “Today, we’re going to be learning a lesson about responsibility and owning up.”

The children shuffled, seated in their places on the hard floor.

“Now, one of you brought something very dangerous to Show and Tell today, and it’s very important I know who it was.”

“I’m sorry,” a little girl said, holding up her stuffed bear. “I thought I trained him well.”

“Don’t worry, Amanda. Mr. Snuffles was very well-behaved, and the pet snake Billy brought in was kind and gentle. No, what I mean to say is, I would like whoever brought in the dormant alien egg that just hatched in their locker to raise their hand right now.”

Nobody did.

“No-one? Well, alright then. I think this is a good time to learn three aspects of becoming a grown-up. The first is taking responsibility for your actions. It takes a lot of bravery, but is the right thing to do. The second is, even if you feel you’ve gotten away with something bad, it doesn’t mean you’ve managed to get away with it forever. It may still come back to bite you in the future. And, most importantly.” The teacher brought a rifle up onto her lap, pulling the bolt handle back. “If you hear scratching in the air vents, make sure you raise your hand and tell the teacher.”

Just then, the door to the classroom opened, causing everyone to jump and turn at once. “Good news!” the headmaster at the door said, despite having a rifle pointed at him. “We’ve managed to already capture and kill the alien. Not only that, but because this educational institution is the first to make a ground-breaking scientific discovery of alien life, we’re getting a large lump sum.”

“A reward?” the teacher said. “How much?”

The headmaster privately showed the teacher a piece of paper, pointing at a figure near the bottom. The teacher’s eyes almost bulged out of her head.

“Right then,” she said cheerfully to the children. “Next week, make sure to bring in dragon eggs, time machines, dinosaurs, or even Bigfoot. See you next time for Show and Tell!”

All the kids cheered at once. Show and Tell was about to get a lot more interesting.

379 words

This week’s wordcount goal was 400 words (with a 10% leeway of 360-440 words)

Check out the Thimbleful Thursday page for more information, and to partake in it yourself!

One Comment
  1. LOL Another of your just-slightly-off-kilter worlds. This was amusing. LOL

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