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Flash Friday 18/09/2015: Bed Hidden

September 18, 2015

Martin hated insomnia. Rather, insomnia hated him. There was something about feeling worn out all day at work, only to hit the head on the pillow and suddenly feel as if he could calculate the meaning of life, that tipped him off that he had made a mortal enemy in his past life. It must have been a terrible crime.

Rolling over for what felt like the umpteenth time, he decided that the debate in his head about whether or not the bed was too warm or not wasn’t worth the battle; he was going to be awake much longer than he hoped tonight.

“What’s the time?” he said to nobody in his single bed house, looking over at the clock. 11:27PM. He still had time before the television shows nosedived into the weird, obscure, and simply unairable TV shows. Fumbling for the remote on his bedside table, he sat up on the bed and turned on the television at the foot of his bed, watching with more attention than anything he had given that day.

It’s just how it works, he figured.


The female werewolf’s ears pricked at the sound of a talk show being turned on, the springs of the bed she laid hidden under creaking as the human laid back down. She gave a silent sigh and glared at her current comrade, Oliver, who looked like a cobra that got jealous of everyone else having arms and legs and ordered some of his own.

“Of all the homes you picked,” she hissed, “you went for the one guy with insomnia?

Oliver tried to shrug, but being squished between the Sasha’s shoulders and the boxes beside him, he could only manage a chest-oriented shuffle. “How is it my fault?”

“You said you had good intel on this guy!”

“I did! I told everyone I was gonna take a hit on this house, and everyone was saying how it was ‘a good choice’ and ‘a plan’ and ‘leaving the good ones for the rest of us’. Of course I had good intel.”

Sasha shook her head. “I don’t think that’s what they meant, but…whatever.”

The pair shared a silence, as the man on the television droned on to audience laughter.

“So now what do we do?” the snake near-demanded.

“Now? We wait, of course.”

“Until what?”

“Until he falls asleep.”

“Won’t that take several hours?”

“Yep,” Sasha said, with a hint of enthusiasm. “So, now we find something to pass the time until we can pop out and siphon his soul energy.”

Oliver sneered. “And what do you have planned? I Spy? Because all I’m seeing with this little eye are boxes.”

“Don’t be so cynical. Look, watch.” Sasha opened up one of the boxes beside her, delving a hand into it and mixing it around. “These are little tricks you learn on the job. If we’re lucky…ooh!” Her eyes lit up, as if she had found something interesting. Pulling out her prize, she turned over the device in a hand. “A Game Boy! And he’s got Super Mario Land, too! Man, when I found this in other houses, I would race to see if I could beat the game before the victim went to bed. Give me thirty minutes, tops.”

“And what am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know,” she said, already well into playing the first level. The faint sound of tinny music could be heard from the system. “Take a look around, see if you can find a puzzle book.”

Oliver sneered as he casually looked over the boxes, not so keen to begin solving word searches any time soon. His eyes eventually rested on the Game Boy, at which point he hissed, “Gimmie that.”

“What? No.” Sasha turned her body from Oliver to protect her find. “I found it first.”

“You said you’ve already played this one. I want to try it.”

“Well find something else to–hey!” The werewolf tugged the system away from the grabbing scaled hands. “Get your own!”

“Don’t want to!” the snake hissed. “Want yours!”

The pair of them shared a struggle which involved a few boxes being accidentally kicked a little harder than they both liked. When they came to a stalemate due to each of their limbs locking each other’s in place, the snake hissed, “If you gave it to me, then I wouldn’t have to be so bored!”

“Well, if you didn’t pick an insomniac’s house to camp, we wouldn’t be stuck here in the first place!”

“Oh, yeah? I didn’t hear you giving any wise ideas, you fluffy freak!”

“That’s because you said you had a good lead! If you didn’t act like you ran the place, then maybe I could have–”

A pained groan from above accompanied the sound of the bed springs creaking as the man sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Both monsters froze on the spot, their eyes moving to watch the legs as they began to walk around the room in a hazy manner.

“It’s no good,” Martin said. “I can’t sleep. Think I’ll brew some coffee and make this one an all-nighter.”

As Martin walked to the door, three sounds could be heard; the sound of feet against floor, the sound of the talk show still going on, and the sound of the snake slowly snapping under the intense glare that the werewolf was giving him.

“I’ll find a puzzle book,” Oliver whimpered.

912 words

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