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Flash Friday 22/04/2016: Bust Out A Rhyme

April 22, 2016

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey,
Along came a spider who sat down beside her,
But failed to scare Muffet away.

After taking a stay, the spider did say,
“Why didn’t you jump up and gawk?”
Miss Muffet said “Why, I can’t trust my eyes;
A spider that knows how to talk.”

“Of course I can speak, it’s hardly unique,
It’s a nursery rhyme after all.
You could probably chat with a bear or a cat,
Or discuss the election with walls.

“Don’t know about you, but I have to make do,
with dealing with such silly cases.
Back where I’m from, the spoons didn’t run,
And stayed in their own bloody places.”

“But dear talking spider,” said Muffet, the outsider,
“Don’t you like being a creature from dreams?”
“I suppose there’s the pay, and the long holiday,
And the excellent retirement schemes.

“But other than those, I don’t oft suppose,
There’s much else to life in a rhyme.
I’d rather speak diction in a good science fiction,
Than a story that’s told at bedtime.”

Two children walked by, and said, with some spry,
“Do you know of a hill with a pool?”
The spider, “Go right, but it’s quite a tall height,
So don’t tumble down like a fool.”

“My eight-legged friend,” spoke Muffet once again,
“What could you possibly do?
Could you get a degree and write your C.V.
For a prospect more suiting for you?”

“I’m just not aware of the stuff that’s out there,
And I don’t want to make a mistake.
My good friend Marout got flushed down a spout,
All for a lullaby’s sake.”

“Why don’t you look for a Fantasy book?
I’m sure that you’re more than prepared.
Read one in the past with a spider so vast,
It made me feel rather scared.”

“You know what? You’re right. I’m making a fight
Out of something that ought to be simple.
I’m going to go train ’til I’m big as a plane,
Or until I burst like a pimple.”

He went on his way, yet still stopped to say,
“Thanks for your help, all in all.
When you’re up for some grub, or a trip down the pub,
Make sure to drop me a call.”

So Little Miss Muffet got off of her tuffet,
And went out to use her new power;
Spending her years helping other’s careers,
At forty-five bucks for an hour.

406 words

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  2. This is adorable. And I love the concept.

  3. How fun! Great idea.

  4. LOL This is adorable. I think you should tackle more nursery rhymes.

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