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Flash Friday 06/01/2017: You Wish

January 7, 2017

Hannah had been told never to open the door to strangers when she was home alone. She always harboured the desire to, though. The grown-ups always got to talk to the interesting people. The postman with the mail. The window cleaner with his toothy grin and charm. Sometimes even an old friend Hannah’s parents hadn’t seen in years. So, when the doorbell rang and Hannah was alone, she went to open it anyway. It might even be the babysitter. She loved the babysitter.

When she opened the door, she at least expected someone she recognised. Instead, the visitor was a man in a clean black and white suit, sunglasses that hid his eyes, and a haircut close to his scalp. In one ear was an earpiece which, on occasion, Hannah could hear a voice talking from, but could never make out what it was saying. Under the man’s right arm was a teddy bear.

As soon as Hannah opened the door, the man gave her a steeled look. “Is this 45 Chancellor’s Street?” he said, in a consistently deadpan tone.

Hannah nodded sheepishly,

“I take it you must be Hannah.” The man took the bear from under his arm and held it out to her. “Good afternoon. I am your Wish Granter for today. This is yours.”

Hannah took the bear. While it was very nice, and she was sure she would love it if it was hers, she had never seen the bear in her life. “This isn’t mine,” she said.

“Management granted this bear to be yours early this morning. All the paperwork has been filed. It is yours now. Please enjoy it. Good day.”

Then the suited man turned and left.

“Wait!” the girl called out, causing the man to pause. “Why are you giving this to me?”

The man turned back toward Hannah, drew a piece of paper from a chest pocket, and unfolded it. “On Thursday 23rd at approximately 11:23 at night,” he read out loud, “Wishing Star #34 logged a wish from this address under the name of ‘Hannah Ruderman’ as it passed by this area. The wish stated, very clearly, for one teddy bear. We processed this wish through management, and the Wishgiver deemed the wish valid and filed the paperwork to have it granted.”

Hannah looked down at her bear again. Now that she knew why it was here, it felt a little more magical than just having been given it by a man in a suit. “So if you make a wish on a shooting star, they come true?”

“Only wishes directed at Wishing Stars owned by Hope Cooperation facilities are logged. We cannot guarantee the logging of any wishes directed toward a competitor product, or an actual shooting star. All wishes are processed through management and the Wishgiver for practicality. We cannot guarantee the fulfillment of every wish. By accepting your wish, you accept that the wish was as you asked, and that your right to a refund from Hope Cooperation is now void. Please enjoy your wish.”

The man turned and left again.

“Wait!” the girl called out. “Can I have a pony?”


“What about my own castle?”

“Please enjoy your bear, ma’am.”

As the man walked down the path, a black limo with tinted windows pulled up to the house. More men in black suits climbed out of it, opening the door for Hannah’s Wish Granter.

“How did it go?” one of the other men said.

“Wish was successfully granted. Take me back to HQ ASAP. We need to figure out the logistics of getting Batman to our next client before time runs out.”

The men climbed into the limo and drove off.

Hannah looked back down at her bear. She didn’t realise it before, but it came with a small tag on its side that read ‘Created with love and care at HOPE COOPERATION WISH FACTORY #3. MAY CONTAIN NUTS’.

Hannah gave it a hug. Maybe wishes really do come true, after all.

663 words

Inspired by this prompt.

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