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Flash Friday 27/01/2017: Seek A Freak

January 29, 2017

Nobody in the group would deny that the Freak Show was one of the best shows they had ever seen. They had already seen such amazing specimens, such as the man with no legs, the woman whose half of her body was rotting from some unknown disease, and the deformed monster who didn’t understand English. The previously-amazing freaks just made the much-advertised, much-hyped ‘Freak of the Century’ even more exciting. The whole group muttered to one another about how bad this freak could be.

“And now!” the showmaster said, stopping the group in front of a cage covered with a cloth. “The freakiest freak of them all! The queen of hideousness! The lady of all that is horrid! I show you…Brittany!”

Brittany, as she believed, wasn’t a freak. In fact, she looked relatively normal in her own time period. The problem, however, with a punk rocker girl being thrown approximately two-hundred years into the past was that you absolutely, definitely were mistaken for a freak. She wasn’t happy with this. She made this apparent with a deadly glare at the crowd from her corner of the cell.

“Heavens!” someone in the crowd said.

“Good lord!”

“What a freak! What an honest-to-God freak!”

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the tour guide called, causing the babbling group to quiet down. “I present to you a human from far-away lands, whose culture is barbaric and brutal. See before your very eyes this amazing specimen, kept safe behind bars. See how strange and coloured her hair is!”

“It’s called a mohawk,” Brittany spat. “It’s fashionable where I’m from.”

“Do you hear that? A ‘mow-hawk’, they call it. I don’t know about you, but it looks nothing like a hawk to me!”

The group tittered and guffawed.

“Witness and marvel at the strange metal that goes through her nose!”

“That’s a piercing,” Brittany added.

“Stare and gaze at the weird tribal paintings etched into her skin!”

“It’s a tattoo.” Brittany rolled up her sleeve to show it. “It’s of a skull with blood coming out of every orifice. Cost me a lot, you know.”

“Who knows what kind of strange and barbaric languages this creature can speak in? Who knows what kind of crude and offensive activities this savage partakes in?”

Brittany let them know with a rude hand gesture. The crowd gasped. One nearly fainted.

“Never fear!” the guide reassured. “Don’t be alarmed. As long as she is behind the bars, she cannot perform any harm to you. She is probably from a cannibalistic race from far away, and can’t be trusted with anything less than containment.”

“What if she knows magic?” a crowd member hesitantly asked.

“What if she knows voodoo magic?” added another, with worry in their voice.

“I assure you that such uncultured tribes know nothing of such thing, don’t you worry. I assure each and every one of you that this dim-witted cretin knows not of magics, or of curses, or even of the Devil himself.”

“The Devil?” Brittany said, perking up. “Yeah, I know of stuff like that. Love that kind of thing.”

The tour guide gave her a worried glance. Brittany smirked.

“Uhm,” the guide managed, as the crowd began to back off. “Don’t be alarmed! She knows not of what she speaks of. Don’t be fooled, as she simply wants to spread the seeds of fear in our hearts. Such is the dastardly tactics of those who are foreign to our–”

A horrible male yell came from within Brittany’s cage. She had obviously gotten bored of being a crowd’s plaything, as she was now blasting heavy metal through her phone’s speakers, smirking as she did.

“Good heavens!” a crowd member said. “She channels the power of Hell itself!”

“Guards! Guards!” another yelled. “A witch! There’s a witch in here!”

The crowd, including the tour guide, suddenly split and ran from the ‘attraction’. Brittany may have bought her way out of the cage, but she might have to fight for it. Still, she managed to punch out three policemen in a bar and still got away with it, so maybe she wasn’t in such dire straits after all.

689 words

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  1. Infollible One permalink

    This story both raises many questions and spurs so many possibilities. I love it!

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