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Flash Friday 17/03/2017: Rough Drafts

March 19, 2017

Entry #1:

Decided to keep this log to keep track of all my thoughts and processes as I go through this. Creating a living being out of naught but parts from the deceased is going to be a tricky challenge. Should I prove to be successful, I don’t want the greatest scientific discovery known to man to be contained in this sieve of a memory that I have.

Regardless, should I discover anything notable, I shall write it here. Otherwise, I’m off to make myself a legend.

Entry #2:

So it turns out that digging up graves riles up the graveyard keeper. He yelled about going through the bits and pieces from the departed is called ‘grave robbing’. How is it robbing? They’re dead. 

Entry #3:

Had to make do with the bits and pieces that I have. I have the large majority of limbs available, and I have some of the brain, but other organs and important bits are still missing. Will try to make do with animal parts to see how that goes.

Entry #4:

Tried using parts of a bird. Managed to resuscitate the corpse into a living state, but he began frantically flapping his arms and trying to fly. Had to put him back to ‘sleep’ again.

Entry #5:

Managed to acquire the wings of a large bird and attached them to the subjects back. Subject can now fly, but doesn’t want to do anything other than sit atop of statues head and snatch sandwiches from the hands of passer-bys. Had to put him to sleep before people ask too many questions, especially about the now-busted statue in the town statue.

Entry #6:

Tried a bit of dog this time. Subject is permanent happy and very obedient, but cannot have him walk past any trees whatsoever without stopping. Back to the drawing board.

Entry #7:

Testing with cat parts. Subject is more independent-acting, but constantly yells at me for food and sleeps for the majority of the day. Also very standoffish when he’s not trying to climb into my lap while I read my stories. One more try.

Entry #8:

Tried using sloth parts. Unsure whether or not the subject is actually responding to my resuscitation attempts. Thinking of what other animal I could use.

Entry #9:

Sod it, maybe the graveyard keeper is on holiday or something.

Entry #10:

Graveyard keeper was not on holiday, but he was expecting my return, which complicated matters. Thankfully, shovels make for great on-the-spur weapons. I just have to not go back into the town again or he’ll point me out to the police for sure.

More importantly, I managed to score a lot of quite fresh corpses. I can finally stop going through the zoo’s refuse and start making some real progress. There’s a lot of whole, complete brains on offer right now, so I’ll make to testing them out and seeing which one is the best.

Entry #11:

As it turns out, choosing the brain of an executed serial killer is a bad idea.

Entry #12:

Tried a different brain. This one worked much better than the first, but he made cutting remarks about my fashion sense and demanded that he’d be dressed in better clothes than his ‘rags’, as he put it. Once he discovered he was in a stitched-up corpse, he decided that perhaps being dead was for the best. Happily obliged.

Entry #13:

Found a nice guy who didn’t seem to mind to be a walking corpse. Think he’s a keeper. He’s enjoying his second take on life, even if he’s always asking me what the bolts on his neck are for. Tempted to take them out and tell him to shake his head, just so he can discover first hand.

Entry #14:

Subject claims he feels uncomfortable every time we walk past a tree. Perhaps I didn’t get all of the dog out of him after all. Will examine further tonight.

Entry #15:

Subject keeps calling himself Frankenstein, even though I keep telling him that’s my name, and that he’s Frankenstein’s monster. I hope this little nugget of confusion is cleared up soon.

Entry #16:

Subject appears to be in a stable condition, so there’s no further need for this log unless something drastic happens. I swear, if nobody writes a book about me and my scientific successes, I’m going to be livid.

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  1. Infollible One permalink

    Hilarious and macabre all at once. It’s tough being an evil scientist, isn’t it?

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