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Simon Batt is a young British writer who nurses aspirations to become a successful author, and does so through a healthy addiction to all things writing. He publishes humorous stories under the name S.E. Batt.

Simon is an advocate of all things imaginative. His mind is always sparking with new ideas, from the fantastical to the closer to home. He has been writing stories and poetry ever since he was a child, and has no intention of losing the spark any time soon. He always likes to bring his special flavour into everything he writes, making it his own though the use of his overactive mind.

If you would like to contact him, please do so below. He always has his mail client open while working (bad, he knows!) so he should be able to respond in able time should you manage to snag him within his abnormal sleep patterns.

  1. zara pradyer permalink

    Hi Simon,
    I am the babbling woman you sat next to last night at the Barbican. How are you? Very good and productive judging by your prolific site! Well done, you. You put me to shame.

    I have had a slight knock back as the young man who came today to try and create ebook covers for me (his own computer is cronked) couldn’t use mine as it is too old and knackered (like me). So I will wait until he gets his uni. grant through and he can buy a new computer with photoshop. So, in the meantime, I shall have to set up my own site and write plenty more of my daft stories in readiness.

    I do wish you well and do hope to see you at the next write-up meeting. By the way, I’ve always been suspicious of avocado pears and now I see why – they can lead you down dark and convoluted pathways.


    • Hello Zara! Glad you could make it!

      Thanks for checking out my little house on the (internet) prairie, and thanks for checking out my flash friday as well! If you’re ever bored and in the mood for some silly stories, click the ‘Flash Friday’ button at the top of the page for a list of my previous entries.

      All the best in your publishing!

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