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Indie Published under S.E. Batt

Baldwin’s Bazaar of Curious Creatures

The Rivetwerks is a dangerous place for the every-day man. With weird and wonderful creatures hiding within the darkest places of the Werks, the citizens needed someone they can trust. Someone brave, daring and incredibly intelligent.

Unfortunately, they never got him. They got Baldwin instead.

Join Baldwin and his demonic companion Zyrax as they locate their next fearsome fight — a deadly werewolf. Will he come out alive? Will he save the Rivetwerks from another fearsome curiosity? Will the gadget-inventor Graxx actually smile for once? The answers lie within…

A humourous fantasy short story totalling appox. 7400 words.

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Books and Stripes

Reading is an engaging hobby, but it’s not easy to pick up when you’re a tiger.

Escaping from his rich owner’s mansion, Mr Stripes is on the prowl to enter the world of literature. Unfortunately, he first has to enter the world of humans with no knowledge of how it works. Using his wit, charm, and knowledge of the effectiveness of ‘kitten eyes’, he ventures forth into the unknown to fulfil his quest.

Because everyone wants to get their paws on a good book.

A 6,100 word short story, bundled with BONUS STORY ‘Grounded to Earth’ at 2,100 words.

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A Hero Unto Death

Performing a quest to save the world is much more difficult when the hero dies before he even begins.

On the day the epic journey is about to begin, the chosen hero, Harold, falls in an unfortunate accident. It’s up to his two assistants Amy and Beatrice to carry him through the rest of the quest all while pretending he’s still alive. Will they fool the citizens of the city of Queensguard? Will they still be able to defeat the Evil Wizard Galgathon awaiting in his tower? An epic quest lies ahead; even if it wasn’t intended for the ones performing it!

A humorous novella totalling approx. 22,000 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Gone Mything

What if you discovered that nobody believes you exist?

Barry the dragon thought he was going to have a standard Sunday afternoon, when he discovers that the human race think of him as a myth. Convinced that he is real (or so he hopes), he sets out into the world for the first time in centuries to declare himself as real. Will he claw his way back into the history books?

Proving yourself is always hard, more-so when nobody knows you even existed in the first place.

A humorous short story at 3,300 words, with BONUS short story ‘Gifts Dragon’ at 3,200 words.

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A Present for Cynthia

Not every daughter acts the same. Most of them, however, would never ask for a water dragon for a birthday present.The Kingdom of Galha faces an unusual challenge, when its princess stands adamant that she receives an elder dragon as a gift for her birthday. Given her strong resolve alongside her fearsome reputation of throwing the biggest strops in the kingdom, King Graham sets out on his mission. Can he bring home a dragon for her birthday?A 3500 word humorous short story, bundled with a BONUS short story ‘A Talk In The Forest’, also at 3500 words.Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Missing Planet

Items are lost all the time, but never something quite as big as an entire celestial body.

The Planetary Monitoring Station finds a nasty surprise when one of the planets in their solar system vanishes without a trace. Mystified by its disappearance, Garren sets out to try to find it. Will the planet, and all of its populous, be found again?

A humorous short story at 6,100 words, bundled with BONUS SHORT STORY ‘Act of God’ at 3,800 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Consult the Occult (with Curse of Impatience)

Cultists are always burdened with a dark secret to hide; some of them, one more silly in nature.

Andrew, the desire for revenge in his heart, approaches an occult to see if they can exact the punishment he wants. Except, despite his previous impression of what a cult consists of, it is discovered that these ones are less than adequate at the job given to them. Can Andrew make it out of the den of black magic with his honour and sanity intact?

A humorous short story at 4,700 words.


This story also comes with the short story ‘Curse of Impatience’, a tale about a witch who just can’t wait for her own curse to take effect, and tries to speed up the process with her own two hands. A humorous short story at 4,000 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

The Invention of Crime

Getting away with murder is easy when you’re talented; even more so when nobody knows what murder is.

Three thieves are in for the time of their lives when they discover a town where isn’t invented yet. Between the town’s populace, a rival from the distant past, and their own stupidity, however, their heists don’t go as smoothly as they first hoped. Will their blunders cause them to be the first prisoners that Crystal Lake City has ever seen?

A humorous Fantasy novel totalling 65,000 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Moving House (with ‘Child With No Name’)

There’s no place like home. For Jacob, however, his home can be at any place.

Jacob experiences the strangest morning ever when he awakes to find his son, Terrence, has built legs on his house. He tries to make his point, but Terrence is adamant to prove his invention’s worth. Will Jacob get his house back to normal, or will he embrace this addition to become the owner of the first ever walking home?

A humorous short story at 3,500 words.


This release comes with another short story, ‘Child With No Name’, a humorous story at 3,300 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Friend Ship

Intergalactic heroes suffer a lonely existence. Captain Kingsley should be so lucky.

Captain Kingsley finds a great deal on a first-class solution. His new vessel comes equipped with hyperdrive, plenty of cup holders, and the latest in human-like AI. Maybe a bit too human, including a few annoying juvenile tendencies. ‘High maintenance’ takes on a whole new meaning aboard the universe’s first emotionally unstable spaceship!

Even worse, the vessel’s advanced capabilities attract the attention of an alien race keen to demonstrate their prowess. When the danger is real but the intelligence is artificial, can Kingsley outwit both his enemies and his own ship?

A humorous Science Fiction novelette at approximately 12,000 words.

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Smashwords

Published Anthology Entries under S.E. Batt

A Princess, a Boatman, and a Lizard (Forward Motion Anthology 2012)

A Princess, A Boatman, and A Lizard. One prompt resulting in 17 different stories from 17 authors with works ranging from silly to dramatic across genres such as fairy tale, steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, Native American tales and more. The 2012 Forward Motion Writer’s Anthology is an annual showcase of the multi-national writing talent at the venerable writer’s group.

Free Stories

Flash Friday

Every Friday, I’ll post a quick flash fiction (1,000 words or less) on this website for free. You can read all the entries by clicking ‘Flash Friday’ at the top of the site, or follow this link.


Vision for Writers

Being a happy member of the Forward Motion writers group, I’ll sometimes write articles for their newsletter, Vision for Writers. These are paid for, but I write articles for free if the website is feeling the financial pinch at time of publishing. All articles by me are credited to Simon Batt.

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