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Hello there!

As well as writing fiction, I do freelance writing as well. I’m not an author who does freelance ‘on the side’ — I take both sides just as seriously! Freelance writing helps me achieve more in my writing career that would be otherwise unobtainable if I wrote purely fiction.

If you’re interested in an article, feel free to contact me at sim.e.batt(at)gmail(dot)com with your request. The nonfiction publications I have written for are:

  • This website, my fiction writing home. Click the tabs above to read some fiction and nonfiction writing.
  • Digital Dreams, my somewhat humorous and tongue-in-cheek videogame and technology website.
  • Vision for Writers, a seasonal e-magazine for fiction writers.
  • WorldStart, a computer tutorial company.
  • WritersWeekly, a freelance writing job board with helpful articles.

At this current time, I cannot work for free — sorry! Feel free to email me and we can discuss payment. As a general guideline, I usually negotiate with clients who pay $50 or more for a post. I will definitely hear out anyone who cannot/will not pay that much, however — just drop me a line.


S.E. Batt

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